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Monday, 29 October 2012

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Made ​​In Delphi Will Be Produced

Collaborating to Create More for Your Customers

Hybrid and electric vehicles are popular because they appeal to a wide range of consumers. The environmentally conscious can appreciate the ultra-low to zero emissions and amazing fuel economy, while the economically minded can appreciate the low vehicle depreciation and savings in costs at the gas pump. At Delphi, we recognize the importance of vehicle manufacturers offering more comfort, more efficiency, more fuel economy and more environmentally friendly cars and trucks accessible to more consumers. We believe in working together to create the most value for our customers. Our systems knowledge, innovative automotive component design and integration skills extend through our entire organization. This helps us reduce costs, provide peak performance and offer a robust portfolio of hybrid and electric vehicle components and systems including:
  • Charging Systems 
  • Energy Storage Systems 
  • Thermal Systems
  • Connection Systems 
  • Power Electronics 
  • Service Solutions
  • Electrical Centers 
  • Powertrain Systems 
  • Wiring Assemblies
Delphi Products:
A - Vehicle Supervisory Controllers 
B - Battery Management Systems
C - Energy Storage Systems 
D - Battery Chargers
E - DC/DC Converters 
F - DC/AC Inverters and Motor
G - Power Distribution Center 
H - Thermal Cooling Systems
I - Charge Port Coupler 
J - Evaporative Emissions Canister Module

Delphi, a Leader in Powertrain Electrification

Delphi continues its legacy of more than 100 years of creating innovations that advance the automotive industry. As a pioneer in the development of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, we provide vehicle manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience in architecting electric and hybrid electric vehicle propulsion systems. We are aggressively lowering the cost of powertrain electrification through system
design and architecture, component design and development, controls and algorithm development and manufacturability.

Delphi – A Global, Integrated Hybrid Competence

Cust omers can l everage Delphi’s gl obal st rengt hs and in-market capabilities to speed the development and availability of state-of-the-art systems without compromising quality or system optimization. Our
dedicated, global engineering team is available to work with you, side-by-side, collaborating to create solutions for your issues and value for your customers. We can provide complete component modeling, analysis and test capability. Our teams are leading the industry in vehicle systems integration, with computer-aided engineering, vehicle modeling and simulation, and system dynamometers. Our Velocity™ suite of design, analysis and simulation tools can optimize your entire vehicle electrical/electronic architecture. We also invested in technologically advanced development, simulation and validation test capabilities for our
products for hybrid and electric vehicles. We accelerate real world conditions by imparting extreme environmental conditions to make sure we deliver robust designs. Some include:
  • High Pressure Spray 
  • Salt Spray 
  • Temperature Humidity
  • Mechanical Shock 
  • Thermal Age 
  • Thermal Shock
  • Salt Fog 
  • Thermal Cycling 
  • Vibration
And our value extends past the vehicle assembly line. We deliver safe, reliable solutions for your customers on and off the road. Our complete systems expertise understands electro-magnetic interference (EMI) issues
to ensure your vehicles operate as intended. We provide special environmental sealing to high-voltage interlock systems that can help prevent potential thermal incidents or injury.

Established Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technical Capabilities

Delphi is ideally situated to help automakers navigate the requirements of next-generation hybrids and new electric vehicles. With major technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support facilities in 30 countries, we can leverage the advanced design and manufacturing facilities around the world to provide our customers efficient electrified powertrain solutions.

Beyond component design, our mature engineering capabilities in the market both understand local dynamics as well as offer personalized support. Our localized, global presence gives a fresh perspective to our research and development, and added value to our products. Therefore, our understanding of market challenges can be more thorough, and collaboration with our customers can be easy and frequent.

Our team is currently developing and executing numerous production programs for global vehicle manufacturers. These OEMs are leveraging our global footprint to accelerate technology development and create more value for their customers – consumers.

Manufacturing Close to Our Customers

Our team is dedicated to this goal: “Be recognized by our customers as their best supplier.” Not only do we design, simulate, test and validate the components and systems with a proven process for manufacturabilty, our local expertise in highvolume manufacturing gives our customers an advantage of having a high-quality, responsive supply at a cost-effective value. And, an experienced production t eam can exceed your expectations with on-time delivery and superior service.

A Robust Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Product Portfolio to Address Unique Challenges

Hybrid and electric vehicles require an expertise in optimized solutions to daunting, new challenges. Delphi offers a robust portfolio of products and systems to address these unique challenges. 

Fuel Economy and Performance With more than 100 years of automotive innovation, Delphi provides power electronics for hybrid and electric vehicles that are high-value and extremely reliable while offering peak performance. A strong technological foundation helps Delphi offer customers the products they need to succeed in the fast-growing hybrid and electric vehicle market. Key products include inverters, converters, battery management controllers, battery pack systems, and battery chargers. 

Safety, Shielding and Sealing Hybrid and electric vehicles present unique challenges when it comes to E/E architecture. They have rigorous power requirements and demand robust component performance and additional safety features due to the challenging environment in which they operate. Delphi is developing specific architecture technologies for batterypowered transportation, including harness protection systems such as bent aluminum tubes or molded channels, battery monitoring devices, charge port coupler,
plug-in and wireless battery charging solutions and a new series of connection systems that incorporates the shielding, sealing, and high-voltage safety interconnects required for high-voltage/highpower applications.

Delphi gasoline and diesel products and management systems are capable of being seamlessly integrated with hybrid vehicles architectures. Delphi has developed software that caters specifically to integration of the internal combustion engine with the additional propulsion and regenerative braking of a hybrid electric
vehicle. Products like Delphi’s variable valve timing, variable valve lift, energy efficient air conditioning including compressors and electronic powertrain cooling play a powerful role in helping reduce fuel consumption.

Reducing Emissions At Delphi, we are working closely with manufacturers to produce hybrid and electric vehicles that will help reduce CO2 emissions significantly. But even before those vehicles are commonplace,
we are offering our customers products that can also improve emissions control for conventional vehicles. In addition to power electronics, these advanced products include Delphi’s direct acting diesel common rail system, gasoline direct injection, active scrubber technology, brushless fuel pumps, solid oxide fuel cell
auxiliary power units, and alt ernative refrigerant HVAC technology.

Mass Although hybrid systems help increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions by reducing reliance on combustion engi nes, they also add weight with increased system content and larger heavier gage cables required to handle the higher current. Delphi can help minimize this increase in vehicle mass by providing solutions to optimize both the traditional and hybrid E/E systems through custom electrical center designs that reduce system complexity, and the integration of new small gage cable technologies, insulation materials and lighter weight alternatives to copper such as aluminum or our special proprietary alloys.

Recyclability Delphi is quickly progressing the development of technology that helps keep products out of landfills or incinerators at the end of their lives. Recyclability has become an important part of our product development. Two examples of environmentally friendly Delphi products are ultra-thin wall halogen-free cable that can be recycled or incinerated unlike PVC or XLPE cable and a micro channel condenser that not only helps residential and commercial air conditioning manu facturers meet mandated energy efficiency ratings with less refrigerant but is also easily recycled.

Value Solutions to these challenges will advance automotive innovation for all vehicles. Delphi is ready to collaborate with you in creating more value for your customers, in not only your hybrid and electric vehicles, but all your cars and trucks.


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